Skulltural Appropriation Sketchbook


This is an 81 page skull-themed sketchbook exploring the great many different ways that skulls have been an artist's muse for millenia, from the gory, gothic, and goulish to the downright goofy. From grotesque to graffiti and everything in between, this 8.5" x 11" sketchbook from tattoo artist Colin Nolt has a little bit of it all, and makes a fun addition to the artbook collection of fellow tattoo artists, as well as fans of tattoo art, dark art, heavy metal, punk, hip-hop, horror, lowbrow, comic book, new skool, counterculture, Kustom Kulture, and biomech art.
A recent study from researchers at Miskatonic University have shown that owning this book may help prevent hair cancer, tooth polyps, and ingrown eyeballs. These results have not been verified by the FDA.